Install Pyzo on MacOS

Option 1: install using the binary

We provide binaries to run Pyzo on MacOS.

The binaries are build on a relatively old version of macOS. If it does not work, consider upgrading your OS or read on.

Option 2: install from source

You can install Pyzo into most Python interpreters. In the below command you can replace "pyside6" with "pyqt6", "pyside2" or "pyqt5":

$ python -m pip install -U pyside6 pyzo

Then run it with:

$ pyzo

Hacking on Pyzo

If you want to hack on Pyzo, install the source using pip in developer mode:

$ git pull
$ cd pyzo
$ python -m pip install -e .


Pyzo distro is free software. No limitations, no DRM. Please read the Pyzo distro end user agreement for details: Pyzo EULA.