Install Pyzo on Windows

Option 1: install using the binary

We provide binaries to run Pyzo on Windows.


To remove Pyzo, either run the uninstaller (when you used the installer on Windows), or simply remove the directory that you unpacked from the archive.

Option 2: install from source

You can install Pyzo into most Python interpreters. In the below command you can replace "pyside6" with "pyqt6", "pyside2" or "pyqt5":

$ python -m pip install -U pyside6 pyzo

Then run it with:

$ pyzo

You can also create a shortcut on your desktop for it. Create a new shortcut with "python.exe" as a target. Then edit it and make the target end with "pythonw.exe -m pyzo". To set the Pyzo icon use the pyzo/resources/appicons folder.

Hacking on Pyzo

If you want to hack on Pyzo, install the source using pip in developer mode:

$ git pull
$ cd pyzo
$ python -m pip install -e .


Pyzo distro is free software. No limitations, no DRM. Please read the Pyzo distro end user agreement for details: Pyzo EULA.